What do you know about Color Picker RGB? If you never heard such a thing, then do not go anywhere. It is time for you to get familiar with the RGB color. For your information, the RGB color picker is a kind of service that will allow you to pick screen color and you can edit the color that you have chosen from the main screen of this program.

Usually, the main screen of the program is the small window that can be marked to remain at the top and can be minimized so you can do other things. Also, there is another window that displays the selected color and the user can change the color as well. Once you, as the user, are satisfied with the color, you can copy the color to the clipboard. The RGB color picker program can also allow you to view the chosen colors in hexadecimal codes.

Color Picker Rgb

Get Familiar with RGB Color Picker

Now, the RGB in the color picker RGB is for Red Green Blue. This RGB is a kind of color panel that can define various colors on the screen or in print. Not only that but this RGB is also the color panel that is mostly used. RGB is also supported by many software programs, printers, monitors, and also operating systems.

As you all know, all of the colors on the computer screen are composed of red, green, and blue colors. The RGB then make sure all of the colors are being shown in the same way on many software programs and devices. For example, if you choose the RGB color panel for the image editor or the printer, the finishing result is that your printer will be able to produce the exact colors that are being shown on the screen. However, it is also possible that your printer will not able to produce the exact colors as you see on the screen due to the color panel is not matched. This kind of thing can also happen if you use the color panel from Adobe in the image editing software program. The result will be, your printer will not be able to produce the right colors or in other words, the colors may appear dull. This is due to the color panel of Adobe has a wide variety of colors. Meanwhile, monitors and printers both have unique color tones. Meaning, these two can produce the same exact colors as other devices or from the screen. As for the latest devices used in publishing companies, these devices will allow manual calibration. This calibration is for adjusting the difference in colors. However, the one thing that you need to know about this calibration is that, even without these two’s manual calibration, the RGB can still provide you with the same exact colors as you see from the screen.

About RGB Color Code

Now, after you know the definition of the color picker RGB, it is time for you to know about the color hex code. For your information, the color hex code is a kind of way to define the color using hexadecimal values. The code itself will be in the form of a hex triplet that represents three separate values. These values can be used to define the level of the component colors. The code will start with a pound sign (#) and then followed by six hex values or three hex value pairs. Generally, this code is correlated with HTML and websites, viewed on a screen, and those hex value pairs refer to RGB color space.

Furthermore, the color hex code is also used to describe the composition of a certain color in a certain color space that is RGB. In this case, the first value pair refers to red, the second refers to green, and the third one refers to blue along with decimal values that range from 0 to 255 or 0 to FF in hexadecimal. Not only that but RGB is also considered as an additive color space. Meaning, when all of the three colors are being put together, the final result will be white light. Other color spaces are using hex code such as HSL, HSV, CMYK, Hunter Lab, and CIE-Lab. Lastly, the codes can also be represented in a three-digit code to represent double values in CSS.

RGB Code to Color Online Tool

After you know the definition of the color picker RGB, it is time for you to know which online tool that you can use to work with this RGB. One of the most recommended color picker image online tools is the Color Picker by  LetsHotBox. This online tool is a kind of color picker image online tool that uses deep learning. Meaning, this online tool can learn the styles of the colors that you choose starting from photographs to popular arts. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the easiest place to get colors is from your photos. Not only you can create color combinations that you want, but you can also create a perfect color scheme that can match your favorite image. To use this online tool, you can just upload a photo then the tool will use the hues in the photo to create the palette.