If we commonly use a certain application or software to use the color picker, nowadays we can do it without any application or software in the first place. Technology allows you to pick colors exactly like what you see on the image you choose. You will even know what the name of the selected color is. An online tool that will allow you to pick a color like an image is available on LetsHotBox.com and can be accessed freely without monthly or even annual subscription.


Anyone could be an expert in graphic design. However, some people might not be able to name certain colors considering you might find more than ten hues on yellow or red. The presence of the online color picker will be such a huge help doe anyone especially if you need to find a certain color from an online image.

As we have mentioned earlier, this online tool does not require the user to open a certain app or software in the first place. You just need an internet connection to open the website and you can start the joy. The step is very easy. All you need to do is uploading an image and a list of colors will appear on your screen.

Color Picker

Free Online Tool

Color picker image online is free and can be used everywhere. Besides useful for defining colors on images, this online tool is also useful for those who need to build a website. Creating a website requires deep research. Sometimes the color you think suits the logo of a certain product is not the real one. This is when you need the presence of an online tool to pick colors.

The good things about this online tool include the ability to pick the exact color in an image, getting the hex code, the RGB number, and also the name of the color. You should understand that there are tons of shades when it comes to pink, yellow, black, and other colors. For a regular person, those colors are similar. However, it does not work that way for a designer especially for those who work with color every day.

Image Color Picker

As we have mentioned earlier, this online color picker app you can find in here will help you to get the exact colors contained in an image. This is also the reason why the app is called the Image Color Picker. Everyone can use this app without restriction and or terms and conditions. There is no requirement for signing up or paying for subscription as well.

We specifically recommend for anyone who needs a free tool to pick colors. Besides the tool is easy to use and operate, you will also get a bunch of interesting facts about your picture.

For example, you just need to upload an image and decide four words to describe your image. After the upload process is done, the website will show your image along with the colors that dominate the image. Below the description, you can even find a list of colors contained in your image. As we also have explained previously, it shows you the name of the color, RGB numbers, and the hex code as well.

Safe Online Tool to Pick Colors from Image

Since this is an online app, you do not need to install the software in the first place. You just need to visit LetsHotBox.com anywhere you are. It can be accessed through PC and mobile or even tab. Users own the entire control. Also, your data will not be shared with other parties and will be removed immediately once you have done with the color picking things.

Other than that, users do not need to update the software considering this is an online app. Pick colors from image should be very easy and simple. This website has proven it by providing an adequate tool for everyone. This thing is very different from picking colors by using an app like Photoshop and other similar apps.

When you use a certain offline app, you just get the hex code and the RGB numbers of the color you choose. You will never know the name of the color. Besides, those offline apps would not provide the colors contained in an image like what you will get from LetsHotBox.com.

Even if several vendors have made and released their apps for picking colors, it will not be versatile as when you use an online app. It is free and can be accessed no matter where you are on earth. This could also be a perfect tool for a beginner designer. In another article, we will make a review of several apps to pick colors suitable for designers even for beginners.


When it comes to picking colors according to the image, you will need more than just an offline tool provided by an offline app. You should use a tool that primarily works as a picker in the first place. LetsHotBox.com has provided a genius gift for all of us, especially for designers. It eases the task of making websites, choosing the exact colors according to the image, knowing a bunch of color names we will never know, and so on.

We encourage you to pay a visit to the website and try your own. All you need to do is uploading an image and wait until the upload process is done. After that, you already have the list of dominating colors according to the image you have uploaded.

Besides suitable for branding a website, this online color picker tool is useful for those who need to make a portfolio. It helps you to set the mood easily and find the right color to decorate the image you will present to a client.

Presentation is an important thing and once you have chosen the right colors, you are good to go. Those things are possible if you try this Color Picker Image Online.