When it comes to colors in the digital media, you might ever hear about Color Picker Hex. But, what is hex color anyway? Well, you need to know a lot about colors and digital media before you turn into a designer, especially a graphic designer. Other than that, you can even find out about the hex code by using an online color picker tool in the first place.

What is Color Hex Code?

If you are wondering the main purpose of the Color Picker Hex, this tool is supposed to help you in finding the hex code, the RGB number, and the name of the color itself. Hex code or a color hex is a method of specifying color using the value of hexadecimal. Usually, it is for RGB even though CMYK and other color spaces also use hex codes. In general, the code is closely related to websites and HTML.

Color Picker Hex

Online Color Picker

If you are a designer who is currently building or making a website or other graphic works, colors are such essential things. You need it like you need food and drink because the works would never be seen without colors. Even black-and-white images need colors in the first place to be seen.

The present of hex color picker is such a gift in this world. Without that tool, we never know what the name of certain colors is. Other than that, we need such a tool to help us to generate a website that looks like the logo or the brand or making a stunning portfolio. Also, you can use it to make a presentation for your client.

The Best Color Picker Tool

Talking about the best color picker tool, LetsHotBox.com has provided the best hex code finder on the internet ever. This website will generate colors contained by an image along with its name and hex code and RGB number as well. It will ease up the task of making an artwork especially if you are required to write the hex code as a reference.
Since the tool is an online tool, you do not need to download a certain app or software in the first place. You also do not need to install the software before using it. All you need to do is visiting the website and upload the image. After a few seconds, the color picker tool will generate that dominate of the color along with its color names, hex code, and RGB numbers.

Creating art work should not be difficult. The digital app should make anything better and easier after all. Also, LetShotBox does not require any donation, payment, subscription, or anything that require you to pay in the first place. Below, we will make a review of several color hex picker apps. Still, we highly recommend you to use the service from our tool after all.

5 Most Common Color Tools for Web Designers

#1 HueSnap

You might have been familiar with this app considering this offline app has been around for years. The process is easy because you just need to snap a picture and it will generate a color palette related to the image you have snapped previously. However, this app is only tailored for mobile use. Still, you can share your palettes with other users. One palette only consists of as many as six colors. Also, it does not show you the hex code like our tool.

#2 Khroma

This one is an AI color tool. It is designed to help you browse and compare original combinations of colors easily. The user should pick 50 colors and those colors will train the neural network to generate and recognize tons of similar colors.

#3 Coolors.co

Another offline color picker hex tool is Coolors. Users are allowed to choose and modify the palette and export it in various formats. Later, you can use it virtually anywhere and wherever you like. You can use it on PC, iOS apps, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. However, you need to install the add-on in the first place if you want to use it in Adobe apps. Coolors.co is also available in a Google Chrome extension.

#4 Adobe Color CC

If you are a fan of Adobe software, you might be familiar with Adobe Color CC. This app has been around for quite a while now and you can create your palette and color schemes too. The good things about this app include your control to limit the color like complementary color, shades, or monochromatic colors you choose to generate a scheme or palette. In the end, the themes you have made can be saved into your library.

#5 Colordot

The last name on the list is Colordot. It is made by Hailpixel and can be accessed online. You do not need to download the software and install it like the four previous apps we have explained above. You can get the hex code with simple mouse gestures and the colors can be saved too. All things can be controlled through your mouse which allows you to get a simple process for a big job.

Still, we encourage you to use our tool because you can get colors in a certain image you choose. Other than the hex codes, this website also gives you the name of each color and the code for RGB as well.


No matter what app you choose to find out the color, the hex code and so on, we still recommend you to use the Color Picker Image Online tool. Our website is easy to access, the process is simple, and it is free without any hidden subscription fee. You do not even need to sign up. Since it is an online tool, you can access it anywhere with anything like PC, laptop, smartphone, and others as long as it has a proper internet connection.

Last but not least, having a proper tool to find the hex code is important for a designer. This is why LetsHotBox.com provides such a genius service including the color picker hex code.